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If cybersecurity isn’t at the top of your IT concerns, it should be. A decade ago, you might have gotten away with a casual information security approach, but things are far different today.

Cybercriminals are getting more creative with their attacks, consistently searching for new ways to gain access to corporate infrastructure. At the same time, companies have become completely dependent on technology to perform their daily business functions.

This combination of risks can be costly to your business. According to CNBC, the average cost of a cyber incident is $200,000; which is more than enough to shut down many small and medium-sized companies for good.If you don't have a trusted cybersecurity service provider, you’re taking a gamble on your company’s future.
Enter Onward Technology. Keeping businesses protected from cyber threats isn’t just one of our offerings—it's the framework for everything we do.Whether you're looking to outsource desktop support, or create a custom network for your business, keeping your confidential data out of the wrong hands is always at the top of our priority list.

Next-Generation Threat Protection

The world of cybersecurity is constantly evolving, and you need to ensure that your network is protected from all threats at all times. We're able to provide you with an advanced next-generation firewall solution that will help you meet the challenges of today and those of the future.

Many traditional firewalls focus on a single threat or attack type, which can leave them vulnerable when a new one emerges on the scene. Our advanced firewall solution instead offers complete protection against all types of threats, so you can rest assured your network is protected at all times.

Why You Need a Holistic Approach to Cyber Defense

Let us design and manage your network! We can also lay wiring for security cameras, PA systems, projectors, phones, and more.
Onward Technology
Cybersecurity is an ongoing effort. Firewalls and antivirus software are just basic steps in protecting your business. On their own, they won't be enough to safeguard your infrastructure

You need a cybersecurity service provider who takes a comprehensive approach to your overall web security. Luckily, Onward Technology provides dependable services throughout the entire security lifecycle.

As a Utah business ourselves, we consider it our responsibility to help protect our local community. Thats why, for every client, we focus on five key functions to establish immediate safeguards, including:

Full network protection

1. Identification

We start every partnership with a risk assessment on your current infrastructure. This helps us identify your most pressing security threats, which enables us to create a custom solution unique to your business's IT needs.

How effective are your current cybersecurity measures? If you don’t know, get in touch and ask about our free risk assessments.

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Full network protection

2. Protection

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to security. Once we've figured out where your current IT solution falls short, Onward helps you explore various solutions to optimize your infrastructure. Here are the steps we follow to ensure you have proper protection:
  • Review Access Management Policies
    Stanford University recently conducted a study revealing 88% of data breaches are caused by human error. While often overlooked, your employees are the biggest vulnerability to your company's security. By evaluating the extent of your software access, Onward Technology tightens up your current process and eliminates weak links.
  • Create an Application Inventory
    Compiling a list of your current applications helps outline your business's IT infrastructure, providing a holistic view of all your platforms.
  • Audit Individual Permissions
    Once Onward has a complete picture of your current operations, we assess your setup and run permission audits for each application. Our expert team pays special attention to privileged accounts, reviewing them with you to ensure validity.
  • Identify Single-Sign-On (SSO) Platforms
    After we review your employee's access permissions, Onward gets to work securing their credentials. If you have any SSO services within your organization, we'll help secure your login procedures by implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA). For those unfamiliar with MFA, it acts as an extra layer of security to protect your login information. If anyone tries to login on an unfamiliar device, the account owner is sent a one-time code to confirm they’re the ones using the unregistered device.
  • Protect Hardware Assets
    Lastly, Onward’s cybersecurity services provide you with safeguards that protect access points within your IT infrastructure, such as:
    • Updating overdue security measures
    • Installing the newest versions of firmware installed on your devices and servers
    • Patch gaps in your network to ensure antivirus protection is current across all platforms.

Safeguard your IT infrastructure with Onward's

holistic cybersecurity approach.

Protect Your Business
Full network protection

3. Detection

As a trusted cybersecurity service provider, our holistic approach encompasses more than just preventative precautions. Partnering with Onward means you get a managed security service, where our team members monitor your network daily, catch unusual activity, and help you stay ahead of cyber threats.
Intrusion detection/prevention

4. Recovery Efforts

For all of our service agreements, we focus heavily on creating proactive plans for disaster scenarios. Onward establishes the required processes to back up and safeguard your data, making it easy to access when you need it the most
Research on new tactics

5. Quick Responses

If a cyberattack occurs, don't worry, Onward is here to help. We'll quickly implement your disaster recovery plan to help minimize the damage to your operating systems and overall business continuity.

As Utah's top cybersecurity service provider, we guarantee to deliver the necessary resources to help your business stay ahead of cyber threats.

Every Effective IT Strategy Starts With Cybersecurity Consulting Services

Enlisting the help of a trusted cybersecurity service provider is critical to create an effective IT strategy. That's why Onward focuses so much of our attention on collecting data and gaining visibility into your current IT systems. With this information, we're able to address vulnerabilities in your infrastructure and evaluate your performance against competitors.

Acknowledging your business needs cybersecurity consulting services is a vital step toward improving your security posture, but it’s far from the end of the journey. Luckily, finding a cybersecurity service to provide and create your ongoing IT strategy doesn't need to be complicated. Contact your neighbors over at Onward Technology; and ask how our helpful staff can create a strategy specifically tailored to your business's needs.

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