Managed IT Services in Utah
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Managed IT Services in Utah

Are you experiencing tech problems that interfere with your ability to meet your goals and stay competitive? If so, a managed service provider (MSP) can help simplify your day-to-day IT operations.

IT Infrastructure Is the Backbone of Your Organization: Keep It Protected With Onward Technology

Technology is deeply ingrained into your company’s daily operations. From communicating with employees to consumer relationships, it's a necessary part of your everyday business procedures.

With so much riding on the status of your IT infrastructure, you need a managed service provider like Onward to unlock the full potential of your business.

From daily support and data backups to cybersecurity and patch management, we have the solutions you need to make your company’s growth sustainable. Our managed IT services in Utah have three main goals:

1. Provide You With Cost-Saving Solutions

Regardless of your industry, improving your bottom line should be a key focus for every business. Your technology is one area where your business can accomplish its IT support goals without wasting time or money.

That’s why our managed services come in fixed-cost pricing models. This means you'll pay a consistent monthly price for a full range of services—making budgeting a breeze. We take pride in helping you lower operating costs by transforming your investment from a capital expense to an easily affordable solution.

2. Modernize Your Technology

All too often, businesses are unknowingly limited by the technology they use. Whether this is because of financial constraints or an overworked in-house IT team, Onward’s managed IT services in Utah provide local businesses with the technology they need to:
Serve customers better
Streamline internal processes
Protect their data and infrastructure
At Onward, we eliminate the frustrations stemming from outdated technology and inefficient processes by providing you with industry-leading solutions.

Is your technology overdue for an upgrade? A more-efficient IT solution is only a click away. Reach out to our helpful staff to see what Onward can do for you.
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3. Deliver Likeable Support

At Onward Technology, we've developed a reputation for having helpful technicians our clients enjoy working with. As a Utah-based operation ourselves, we're passionate about our local community. Clients trust Onward because of our likable service, and they know we’ll get it right the first time.
Don't just take our word for it—see what our previous clients have to say:
  • “(Onward Technology) has an extremely efficient help desk ticketing system, and they are always responsive and very fast with getting those items addressed. The techs themselves are knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly.” 

    - Kara S.
  • “Our relationship with them is one that we appreciate. (Onward Technology) takes the time to clearly explain what they are doing, why they are doing it, and how long it is going to take.”

     - Matt T.
  • “Each employee that I've worked with has been professional and personable. They are quick to address and solve any issue you might have. I would highly recommend (Onward) to any school or business looking to work with them.”
    - Kristen A.
  • “Having done business with these guys for a few years now, I can truly say they are capable and maybe even more importantly, very pleasant to work with.”

     - R.C.

Need a Holistic Provider for Managed IT Services in Utah? You’re in the Right Spot

At Onward Technology, we take a realistic approach to provide you with timely strategies that fit within your budget. If you're searching for a managed IT service in Utah, rest assured knowing we strive to align our technical expertise with your unique business goals. We pride ourselves on delivering holistic solutions for any sized company. No matter your specific technological issues, we've got it covered with our wide range of services, including:

Large-Event Wi-Fi

At Onward, we're the top-choice for Utah businesses who need to scale their internet connection. Our networks can handle thousands of devices while providing consistent coverage for your entire office, stadium, or warehouse.
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Network Design

Consumer analytics drive your daily operations, and you must explore every avenue to get a holistic view of your local reach. That's why we offer Wi-Fi locations analytics, helping you collect customer data and gain insights into clients behavior
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At Onward, we adhere to industry best practices to provide you with hardened security services that help your organization stay ahead of cyberattacks.
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Wi-Fi Analytics

Consumer analytics drive your daily operations, and you must explore every avenue to get a holistic view of your local reach. That's why we offer Wi-Fi locations analytics, helping you collect customer data and gain insights into clients behavior
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24/7 Support

Our likable staff is available around the clock to help you navigate any sort of IT issues. Whether you're dealing with a large security breach or small login issues—we're always ready to lend a helping hand.
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At Onward, we take pride in our outstanding relationships with industry-leading hardware and software vendors. Our cost-effective solutions enable you to leverage the benefits of advanced technology while staying within budget.
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IT Consulting

No business is the same, and your managed IT service in Utah should offer more than a "one-size-fits-all" approach. We take time to understand your business's unique needs, delivering custom-tailored solutions to improve your IT infrastructure.
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Education Services

Educational facilities need enterprise-grade Wi-Fi capable of handling hundreds of devices throughout the day. Having a consistent, protected internet is key to cultivating a productive learning environment, and Onward has the resources to get you there.
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Fiber Optic Installation

Low-Voltage Ethernet Cabling

At Onward, our experts can tackle the toughest of your technology needs. From design to installation, you can rest assured knowing you'll have access to cutting-edge ethernet that keeps your business productive and secure.
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Onward Technology: Discover the Benefits of our Managed IT Services

Let's face it, there are hundreds of managed service providers who claim the same thing; they’re your "industry-leading", "one-stop shop" for IT services.
However, these companies are only effective if you need the most basic cybersecurity solutions. To truly have a secure IT infrastructure, you need more than just an average MSP.
Enter Onward Technology. We combine your standard outsourced IT services with our unrivaled knowledge of the most complicated security measures. We guarantee to uphold our commitment to exceptional managed IT services for small businesses and large organizations alike. If you’re looking for managed IT services in Utah, good news—Onward is here to help. Start a conversation with our helpful staff, and discover the difference an experienced provider brings.

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