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Reliable IT Support for Schools



From K-12 school districts to state-sponsored universities, every educational facility relies on technology to support learning, teaching, and administrative functions. Onward Technology makes protecting your students and data our priority, and we balance that weight with building-wide efforts to access information, plan lessons, and other day-to-day activities.


Let us design and manage your network! We can also lay wiring for security cameras, PA systems, projectors, phones, and more.
Onward Technology
A comprehensive approach to IT is essential for both private and public educational institutions—it enables them to effectively manage, utilize, and leverage technology. Onward offers a wide-range of education IT solutions to cultivate a positive learning environment, including:


To foster a positive learning environment, you need to ensure your students and staff have quick, easy, and reliable access to Wi-Fi. With the educational landscape relying more heavily on technology, a poor digital infrastructure can leave students behind. Luckily, Onward is here to build and maintain a robust Wi-Fi network, helping you create a healthy learning environment.


Don’t get marked tardy. Efficiently identifying and troubleshooting IT issues is critical to the success of your school, staff, and students. However, educational facilities are often limited by their technology. Whether this is due to hardware complications, outdated software, or user problems (accessing daily lesson plans, credential issues, etc.) rest assured knowing Onward provides around-the-clock tech support to keep issues from disrupting student learning.


While digital learning is increasing in popularity, it still takes physical infrastructure to maintain your school’s setup. Whether you’re looking for building-wide PA Systems, projector and phone wiring inside classrooms, or security systems that better protect students, Onward Technology is a one-stop shop for your wiring and cabling needs.


Bad actors aren’t bound to a dismissal bell—many cyberattacks occur well beyond the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. If this data becomes compromised, it can bring serious consequences. That’s why it's important for educational facilities to protect sensitive information about their students, staff, and faculty. At Onward Technology, cybersecurity and IT support for schools is more than just one of our service offerings, it’s the framework for everything we do.

Take Your Technology to the Next-Level, Byte-by-Byte

Time to align IT support with your school’s long-term goals? Start a conversation to learn how we enhance your teaching and learning efforts through our custom-tailored approach.

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Why Partner With Onward Technology?

With helpful, likable technicians dedicated to going the extra mile, Onward delivers top-notch IT support for schools across the Beehive State. Our experienced teams take pride in helping you revamp digital infrastructures so your students can reach their full potential.

“Our school opened two years ago, and we hired [Onward Technology] to cover all of our technological needs. As an administrator, I could not be happier with the service Onward provided in getting our school off the ground and which they continue to provide as our ongoing IT contractor. They have an extremely efficient help desk ticketing system and are always responsive and fast with getting those items addressed. The techs themselves are knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly… Highly recommend Onward Technology for business or education.“

- Administrative Director, Wasatch Charter School

What Can Onward Do For You?

Looking for a reliable IT provider in Utah to set up your new network, troubleshoot computer issues, or develop a long-term tech strategy? Good news, Onward Technology is here to help. Get in touch with our experts to learn more, and ask how we take a custom approach to IT support for your school.

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