Let us design and manage your network! We can also lay wiring for security cameras, PA systems, projectors, phones, and more.
What is the benefit of using a technology service provider if we already have a full-time IT manager?
A partner like Onward Technology helps your internal employees use their time more efficiently and achieve far more than they would be able to on their own. Onward conducts quarterly technology success reviews with your IT decision makers and provides proven strategies and direction to help you avoid mistakes and get things right the first time. Our experience and knowledge gained from designing and implementing networks for over a decade gives your employees a resource to go to when they encounter issues they haven’t seen before.
Am I big enough to need a technology partner?
Any organization with data they would like to not share with the world should have a technology partner like Onward Technology. As you grow, the impact of technology on your organization will increase as well. We’re happy to conduct a free assessment and consultation to help you determine your IT needs profile, and how we might be able to help.
WiFi has problems sometimes no matter what you do, right?
Wrong - there is never an excuse for poor WiFi performance. Under-performing WiFi can always be traced to the wrong hardware or an inadequate network design. Onward has extensive experience implementing WiFi networks optimized for high-density use cases, even in difficult environments. We'll prove it - let us put our equipment and design in your building at our cost and put it to the test. If it doesn't blow your socks off, we'll take it out and put everything back the way it was (spoiler: you're going to want to keep it).
We’ve heard big promises from service providers before; how will we know you’re different before getting locked into another long contract?
You’ll know because you won’t be locked into a contract. We provide month-to-month agreements to new clients, so they can rest assured that we’ll do what we say we will. If you aren’t happy, you can end the agreement at any time and try something else. We aren’t worried about that though - you’ll be happy.
Are any of your employees overseas?
No - all of our employees are local and located in the US. Further, you have a dedicated Onward technician that you’ll work with for all of your questions and support tickets. You’ll come to know them and will always have an easy method to reach them when you need - no talking to a random person in a call center here.

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